A Short-Stay Visa to Schengen: Requirements

Are you living in Kuwait and planning to take a tour of the Schengen? If so, apply for a visit visa. The short-stay visa allows any foreign national holding it to enter and stay in the Schengen area. It is a permit with which you are allowed to travel freely through the Schengen member countries and the Netherlands for a period that does not cross six months. Here are the rules and the process of the Schengen tourist visa application.

Do You Need a Visit Visa from Kuwait?

Anyone living in Kuwait who wants to visit the Schengen Area has to hold a valid tourist visa with his name specifying the entry and exit date. It offers them the access to travel or stay in any of the 26 member countries in the Schengen zone. The ideal time that is required to complete the visa application process is not more than a month. But in some rare cases, it may even extend up to two months.

What are the Necessities?

  • There must be a fully filled in application form with the correct details of the person visiting.
  • There must be two passport-sized photos, recently shot, matching with the Schengen specifications.
  • There should be a passport with a minimum of two pages that are empty, with an expiry date that is at least three months after the stay in the area.
  • There must be a valid letter from the school, college or office stating that there is no objection.
  • The person must also provide an insurance policy that covers his hospitalization and medical needs during his stay.
  • He must showcase the reservation tickets of the flight travel and the hotel in which he will stay.
  • The last one is the financial statement showing that he has the required money to support his stay and travel.

Stages that are Involved in the Application

  • First, fill-up the form that you downloaded online from the official site with the correct details and upload it online or submit it to the respective authorities.
  • Then, upload the documents that are specified above if you are applying online or submit them to the application centre if offline.
  • Next, book an appointment with the application centre on the available date to conduct the interview and the biometric scans.
  • After this, you must pay the necessary money that is specified online as the application fee.
  • You are required to go in person on the correct date for verification purposes.
  • Finally, you will be awarded a short-term visa to travel to the Schengen area if you are eligible.

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