Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

Are you looking for an excellent option to invest in? If so, Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful place to live within, which provides second citizenship by investment. This investment option is the best solution for affluent families looking for easy entry into the European business market. Also, you can have an easy visa less route to boom in the Asian business market. 

Furthermore, Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost is competitive, and the applicants can also apply for their family with a little increase in the price. Here is all you need to know about the application requirements to be eligible for second citizenship, which comes with multiple benefits, including visa-free entry to different countries, tax relaxation and high education opportunities. 

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The Basic Requirements

  • The applicant must be above 18 to be eligible for this program. 
  • There should not be any criminal record in the applicant’s name.  
  • He must prove that he has excellent health to travel and live in the country.
  • The person must have a good character.
  • And he must have the required amount of money that he needs to invest in the country to acquire citizenship.

Investment Options Available

There are mainly three options available to choose from based on the requirements that he can fulfil. They are as follows:

  • The first program is buying any property. It should be worth $200,000 and must be government-approved. There is also an option of joint investment.
  • The second option is directly buying any business. But, again, it must have a value of $ 1.5 million.
  • The third option is donating to the national development program and remembering that it is non-returnable. It should be worth $100,000. 

 Benefits One Gets in Return

  • The holder can enjoy visa-less entry to more than one hundred countries with this permit, including the Schengen countries.
  • The candidate can also apply for his spouse, children, and parents above 55. 
  • This country is also a Commonwealth participant, which gives this country’s citizens to have some of the UK business benefits. 
  • It is known for its beautiful tourist destinations and is culturally diverse and ecologically rich. 
  • It offers high education and health standards, making it one of the best choices as a second home. 
  • This passport also offers its holders tax-free wages, royalties and capital interests. 

The Time Required

The applicant needs to invest around $100,000 to apply for this Citizenship acquisition. Additionally, once the investment has been made and all the asked documents and they complete the application correctly, a minimum of four months will be required to complete the process successfully. 

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is one of the newest and most successful running programs. With minimal requirements, the foreign national who is the applicant can become a country citizen. 
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