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Arabic Sweets and Their Speciality

The Arabic sweets came into existence from many different cultures, which occupied the Arabic region during the civilization. It is known for its unique taste. The traditional Arabic sweets are not just sweets, but they are an emotion that adds up its unique essence to every celebration. These sweets are usually made using healthy nuts and rich ingredients, making them one of the best choices for people who are fasting during Ramadan. And when there is no single day that passes without having a sweet dish on the centre of your dining table. Order your pack of Arabic sweets online today!

Some of the Famous Arabic Sweets

Sweets are one of the most important aspects of every occasion that you cannot ignore and without which the festivals are never complete. The Arabic sweets are filled with traditions, culture, and nutrition that give all the calories that a person needs in his diet during the fasting season. We have listed some of the top-rated Arabic sweets used during Ramadan. They are:


It is usually a sweet made out of semolina, with a sandy texture, which is then sweetened with the sugar syrup. The diamond-shaped sweet is famous among people in Egypt and Gulf countries. 


It is a traditional sweet that is deep-fried and baked. These are pancakes, usually half-moon shapes filled with nuts, cheese, or cream inside. The sweet is then soaked in the sugar syrup. It is rich in calories and is served with hot sugar syrup.


It is a dumpling made of flour, which is very famous, enjoyed by the people during Ramadan. It is a sweet that is crunchy on the outside part and creamy on the interior, soaked in a sugar syrup or honey. 


It is a small bite-sized pastry with chopped nut fillings and is usually dipped in syrup or honey. The crunchy texture, low calories and delicious taste make it a favourite choice among people during occasions. 

Stuffed Figs

It is a delicious combination of juicy figs, cheese and honey. The sweet is created by slightly warming the fig in the oven, stuffing it with melty cheese, crunchy nuts, and then drizzling with honey. 

Ain Jamal

It is a box of soft sweets and is usually filled with caramel and chocolate. The healthy ingredients used in the sweets make it an ideal choice while fasting. 

Halawa El Jibn

It is a traditional Lebanese sweet dish made out of pastry rolled with cream and custard. The cream cheese or mozzarella cheese is used to prepare the dessert. Finally, topped with nutritious nuts and cherries, it is ideal to be served to the guests during special occasions.
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