What is beauty? Is it a social construct or something that exists for real? Is the idealization of being according to society’s standards, or is it about being yourself and owning up to the flaw? With time, the definition of beauty has changed between people, and the whole idea has been exempted from one ideal to another. Beauty is complex, and it has different meanings for different people. As modern technology has come into functioning, people have developed new ways to look the way they want to. From bodytite Dubai to mastopexy Abu Dhabi, everything is right about being the ideal body type. 

Here is how these changing ideas of beauty is a misery and a blessing in modern days:

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How it is a misery: 

  1. Insecurities and complexity: God has made us in a certain way; he did the best he could to make us in different shapes, colors, and sizes, But we humans decided that several body types and skin colors are just not acceptable. As the beauty changes and the pressure develops to be excellent and lovable, people grow worse insecurities that do not result well. 
  1. An invitation to disorders: When people are forced and constantly bashed about being a particular type, there is a high chance that they might end up developing a mental health or general health disorder. Anorexia is one of the leading illnesses developing in younger women because society told them they should starve or puke but should not gain fat. 
  1. Conflict and unacceptance: Middle school kids and even high school kids are obsessed with judging people over the way they look. From labeling somebody as “The fat girl” to calling somebody a toothpick because of their slimness, there is a lot of damage. This constant backlash and name-calling develop a lot of conflicts and unacceptance between people making the whole dynamic worse. 

How it is a blessing:

  1. Health regulation: As much as society damages one with the constant mocking, it can also guide somebody to live a healthier lifestyle. Beauty aside, there are several weight standards and heights that a person should maintain to avoid any health risks. The changing beauty standards call people to be in a scientifically appropriate structure, helping them adopt habits like gyming and consuming greens. 
  1. Modern innovations: Need is the mother of all creations, and without it, there is hardly anything new that could come back. As the standards of beauty change, there are innovations in the field of aesthetics like bodytite Dubai and mastopexy Abu Dhabi that can help people cater to their flaws. 

There is nothing right and nothing wrong when it comes to beauty. It is all about how you feel and accept yourself. This society will tell you to change yourself, but you have to start with self-love and understanding that there is nothing as “Perfect.” Stay positive about your body type, do not let someday tell you that you are not beautiful enough because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and yourself