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The modern techniques available in the sector of Aesthetics in Dubai are amusing. Many things were impossible just a few years ago, but now you can get it done in no time. As human beings, it is natural for us to want to look different from our natural form. As the beauty trends change, certain things make us insecure, like having scars and remains of Acne and other derma problems. There is nothing ugly about it, but some people might find it a hindrance to feeling comfortable in their skin. Dermapen is a trusted solution to the removal of scars and healing of long lasted stains. Dermapen Dubai price is pretty affordable, and you can get it done at any aesthetic clinic like La clinique ME.

Here is everything you need to know about Dermapen.

  • How do Dermapen works? It is a simple procedure. A dermapen instrument with microneedles is moved all over your face creating minor wounds and pores. It activates your body to produce new skin cells and other new collagens that help you recover and conceal your long existing scars. This way, your skin adapts a healthy start towards healing on its own and appearing healthier.
  • Does the Dermapen treatment hurt? Honestly, it might hurt just a little. Before starting the procedure, a numbing gel is applied all over your face. It helps you create a resistance against all the discomfort. Usually, the treatment is peaceful, but if the intensity of your procedure is high, there might be some problems.
  • How long does the pain last? If your procedure was intense and bleeding from the pinpoints, you might feel some pain for a few hours. Having redness on your face is okay and acceptable since it will disappear in a few hours. But in case the irritation and redness do not go away, you need to consult an expert as soon as you can.
  • What are the benefits of Dermapen? A dermapen can bring you more help than you anticipate. It is a treatment that gives your skin a healthy start towards recovering on its own. The most prominent benefits of a dermapen treatment are as follow:

It brings flourishment to your overall skin tone.

It helps in minimizing the appeared pores and wrinkles on your skin.

It makes your stretch marks almost invisible on your skin.

It makes your skin more absorbent to products.

Improves the overall health of your skin by producing new skin cells and functional pores.

  • How much does a dermapen cost? The prices of a dermapen session differ based on how intense it is. Dermapen Dubai price are between anything starting from 300AED. Many clinics offer packages for you; you can always search according to your requirement.

If you want to get a Dermapen treatment, but you are confused about where to begin, you can always check the clinics like Clinique; many doctors provide free consultation sessions. You can deal out with all your queries and find the answers, to begin with.