There are many who just wish to move abroad, sewing all those dreams while living the worst of their lives. On the other hand, there are some who just do not stop at wishing and dreaming but instead dare to work for their dreams. They believe in themselves to the extent that they actually want to make their dream come true. Those are the people who you need to follow and learn from. They pave their way through all the obstacles, defying the rejection and keep trying. With their constant efforts, in the end, they make it to the right place.

You just cannot immigrate to the land of your dreams by daydreaming about it. You need to stand up and go look for the opportunities and when you find one, the next big  thing is to find the best visa consultants in India. When I say “best” I mean an agency or a visa consultant that is equipped with the properties best suited with the nature of your work. Canada express entry program is one of the most running programs of these times. If you have a good work experience and want to immigrate to Canada, you have found the right place because the express entry program is mainly built around the purpose of taking in the skilled workers throughout the world who can contribute to the economy of Canada and enjoy the lifestyle and perks of living in one of the best countries of the world.


Express entry program is a point based system that awards the profiles points on different categories, that ultimately makes the profile most likely to get the visa approval through this program. In order to score the high enough in this program to get the visa approval and immigrate to Canada, you need to have the following capabilities:

  • You need to have a good IELTS score and be fluent in English. Since a good language proficiency decides whether you will be able to communicate better to the Canadians living there, it is an important step. There are a total of 28 points reserved for this category.
  • The category of education has been given a total of 25 points. The more educated you are, the better you score in this category.
  • Canada looks for people who work sincerely and passionately. Therefore, your work experience has to be good enough for you to score well in this regard, out of 15 points. The work experience required here should be in the country of your residence.         
  • Age decides your strength to take on mental and physical stress that is complementary with the workload. People who lie within the range of 18-35 years of age are more likely to score good in this program, out of a total of 12 points. People above the age of 35 are not so favored here.
  • In addition, if you have an offer from Canada to work there, that guarantees at least one year of employment, then you have saved yourself maximum of 10 points.

I hope I have contributed to educate you enough about the Canada express entry consultants to get you to live your dreams.