Top 5 Workouts to Stay in Shape

Are you someone who enjoys toning your body without having to go to the gym? If yes, then you have come up to the right place. A fat belly, big thighs, and irregular shapes of buttocks will always depress you in front of the mirror.

But now you don’t have to look this way for too long. For our lazy but smart peeps, we have sorted out some easy-to-do exercises which you can simply do in your comfort zone. 

Let’s work out easy exercises!


This is the most successful exercise for abdominal muscles. In addition, it will assist you with your lower backache. You simply have to lift your lower portion while resting your shoulders on the ground. 

Crunches should be done thrice on a weekly basis. For looking smarter bodytite Dubai has some tips for you. 


This exercise counts as the most effective one.  They will simply burn your calories and allow you to lose some mass from your body. It helps in the tightening of tendons, ligaments, and muscles around your thighs. 

They minimize the risk of injuring our ankles and knees as they take some weight from there. 

Dumbbell row

If you have just started your exercise plan, then be conscious while picking the dumbbells. Many people are complaining about backaches. Dumbbell weights for one arm will definitely help you reduce your back pain.

 It strengthens not only your back, but your upper arm and shoulders. It allows you to do your household chores more energetically. 


Proper push-ups are best for strengthening your upper body. If you continue for long it will also be beneficial for abdominal muscles and lower back

In the beginning, do not go for long push-ups as they end you tiring up. Start from 30, and make it to 60, and then it depends on your strength. 


Lunges are fruitful for strengthening your overall body muscles while bringing your body in perfect shape. It helps in trimming your extra weight. Buttocks and thighs benefit from lunges as well.

Some more productivity for this exercise are:

  • Balance and mobility.
  • Alignment.
  • Weight Loss.
  • The best option for athletes. 

Other ways of reducing mass at home


Liposuction, you have to undergo a surgical process to reduce your extra fat. It eliminates all the extra fat from the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen. Weight loss is permanent, but if you continue to eat junk food, you will quickly gain weight in those surgical regions. 

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What are the quickest ways to tone your body?

  • Have plenty of warm water.
  • Make specific athletic goals.
  • Make a chart of your protein diet.
  • Concentrate on HIIT workouts.

Trimmed part

We have set simple workouts which you will easily manage at your home. Any trendy garment will readily fit a body in ideal shape. It will not allure you from the outside only, but help you look beautiful from the inside too.