Which Australian Visa is Right for You?

Visiting or moving to another country is a huge decision, and one comes to this point after long hours of thinking and searching to find the correct visa that considers the reasons for migration or visit. Count on our Australia immigration consultants Hyderabad, suppose you want to move to Australia. They can help you choose the visa and make the whole process of application easy and smooth for you. 

Categories Available

For Education

If you want to pursue higher education in Australia, there are incredible programs from some top educational institutions. You can also work with your course to support funds for your living expenses. If your school is in session, you can work for around 20 hours a week, and if your school is not running a session, you can work as per your liking; there is zero restriction of hours. 

For Business

Visiting Australia for business purposes is one of the common visas. This visa is short-termed and allows its holder visit to Australia for any business meeting, conference attendance, or negotiation. The valid duration of this visa is 12 weeks, but one can get an extension of up to five years.  

For Work

Australian work visas work in two forms, and both are temporary-based permits. One requires you to have the Australian employers’ work sponsorship to apply for this visa. However, after the employer gets the approval, there will be no restriction in the visa issuance afterwards. And the other type is the modified extension of a tourist visa only if you want to support your stay by working. People between 18 to 26 can apply for this visa, and not all foreign nationals are eligible. 

Various Entry Visa Options

Australia offers multiple other entries visas to cater to specific reasons. However, the preferred eligibility is skilled immigrants and those native countries with whom Australia has good cultural, social, and political relations. 

The list of some of those entries for visa purposes are: 

  • Religious Work
  • lectures
  • filming event 
  • sport competitions
  • entertainment purpose
  • temporary academic reason
  • training session

For Permanent Residency

To support permanent residency, Australia offers two immigration programs.

The Migration Program cares to look at various eligible factors such as the applicant’s skill, age, language proficiency, and health and financial stability. Therefore, the migration program is divided into three categories. 

One deals with skilled immigrants and checks their expertise and talent. 

The second migrant program deals with the applicants who want to move to Canada to invest and start a business.

And the third migrant program is specifically for family sponsorships. 

If you are also looking for the right PR program, our PR consultancy in Hyderabad can guide you in the selection and application process.  And the other main permanent residency program is the Humanitarian program, offered explicitly to refugees and people in crisis.